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  • Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

    Zip line Adventures for the ENTIRE FAMILY!

  • Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

    FIRST in Ohio; FIRST in all of the Midwest!

  • Nature-Lover or Thrill-Seeker

    You'll LOVE Hocking Hills Canopy Tours!

  • The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

    Certificates of Excellence:
    Trip Advisor, Ohio Magazine, USA Today, more

  • SuperZip®

    The Wildest Zip line on the PLANET!

  • SuperZip® Listed in the USA Today

    "Top 10 Amazing Zip lines in the World"

  • DragonFly Zip line

    An Adventure for KIDS!

  • OFF-Road Segway Adventures

    The coolest way to "take a hike"...
    Only at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

  • The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

    Showcasing the natural beauty of the Hocking Hills

  • The first Zip Line Canopy Tour

    in Ohio and the entire Mid-West

  • The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

    Have A Zippity Doo-Dah-Day!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours… The FIRST Zipline Canopy Tour In OHIO, AND the entire Mid-West!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours has thrilled thousands of outdoor enthusiasts, families, and groups. We’ve had participants from age 10 to age 96, with some fans returning multiple times a year! Along the way we’ve been recognized by some very well-known publications like “USA Today”, “Discovery”, “Ohio Magazine”, “Columbus Dispatch”, "The Ohio Traveler", as well as every major newspaper in the surrounding 5 states!

At Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, we’ve optimized the outdoor adventure experience for the entire family! Featuring our “Crowning Jewel”—the award-winning CANOPY TOUR; our “World-Recognized” SUPERZIP®, and our “State-of-the-Art” DRAGONFLY Zip line Adventure for KIDS!

Outdoor Adventure for the Whole Family!

“Nature-Lover” meets “Thrill-Seeker” in this EXCITING 2.5 to 3-hour treetop adventure. Professional guides will lead you along 10 zip lines and 5 adventure sky bridges, offering a never-before-seen perspective of the beautiful Hocking Hills. You'll zip along a network of cables—soaring over a natural cave/waterfall, along the Hocking River, past fern-covered rock formations, and finally land in a "Garden of Eden". Our tour is designed to thrill first-time zippers, as well as the most experienced zip line enthusiasts. We offer Sunrise, Twilight, and NightFlight canopy tours so you can enjoy the zipping experience most hours of the day and night.

A breath-taking, heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping zip line experience—the SuperZip® is over a quarter mile long, and reaches speeds up to 50 mph. Our SuperZip® is the answer to all of your requests for a “higher, longer, and faster” zip. The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours’ SuperZip® launches two zippers at a time – side by side – from an 85 foot tower. You’ll dive down into the forest, fly through the tree canopy – until the bottom drops out at the edge of a rock cliff – then swoop down the middle of the Hocking River... all this while in a “super hero” flying position! You’ll want to zip it again and again. You can experience the SuperZip® by itself, or for maximum fun you can combine it with our Zipline Canopy Tour. Either way, you won’t want to miss this Super Cool adventure!

DRAGONFLY Zipline Adventure for KIDS!
It’s a zip line wonderland created by your friends at THE HOCKING HILLS CANOPY TOURS! This unique Kid’s zip line is designed EXCLUSIVELY for kids and includes eight kid-friendly zip lines, three fun bridges, and a sky tunnel. Now young zippers can enjoy the zip line experience just like adults, as they fly from platform to platform taking in the natural beauty of Hocking Hills. Parents will be happy to know that DragonFly zip line boasts a “continuous-belay” safety system that is the first of it’s kind in the zip line industry. This system will allow children to stay connected to the cable from start to finish... no clipping necessary. The DragonFly Zipline is a great idea for hosting birthday parties, graduations, and other kids events! Treat your kids to this amazing zip line adventure!

Don’t miss these unbelievable outdoor adventures during your visit to the Hocking Hills area.

We invite you to visit us and see why we say, “Nature-Lover or Thrill-Seeker—you’ll love Hocking Hills Canopy Tours”!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is located in Rockbridge, Ohio, just 40 miles south-east of Columbus, Ohio.

  • Introduction

    Whenever we talk about the "World-Class" status of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, we start with our location. It's beautiful! Our course showcases the natural beauty of Hocking Hills, located in Southeast Ohio.

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  • Canopy Tour

    Being the first Canopy Tour and the model for other tours throughout the world motivates us to be the best. Our pace setting technology has won many awards and certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor, Ohio Magazine, USA today, among others.

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  • The "X" TOUR!

    Our latest addition to Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, the "X" TOUR is a 2.5 to 3 hour, professionally guided, "X-TREME" zipline tour. A hybrid course design, using a combination of trees and towers, this cross-country style zipline boasts 11 zip lines

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  • SuperZip®

    The SuperZip® tour is over a quarter mile long with speeds upwards of 50 mph. You want "higher, longer, and faster", well here it is zip fans. Included in the "Top 10 Amazing Zip lines in the World"...

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  • NightFlight

    If you've ever dreamed of zipping in the darkness, this 2-hour nocturnal tour is made for you. You'll experience the sounds, the smells, and become a creature of the night!


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  • Sunrise & Twilight Tours

    These limited 2 hour tours showcase the forest at its’ most tranquil times of the day - and the most active time of day for all the wild life! It's a truely exhilarating experience in nature!

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  • DragonFly for Kids

    Now young zippers can enjoy the zip line experience just like adults, as they fly from platform to platform. DragonFly boasts a continuous belay safety system that allows kids to enjoy zipping while being attached to the cable 100% of the time.

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  • OFF-ROAD Segway® Adventure!

    Another "FIRST" from the innovative team at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours! Our OFF-ROAD Segway® Adventures will take you on a 1.5 to 2 hour guided nature tour, showcasing the unique features of the area

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Everyone who visits Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is impressed with our entire operation, and why shouldn't they be, we're the FIRST, the ORIGINAL... the TRENDSETTERS. Remember, a copy is never as good as the original.

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