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Nobody Does "Outdoor Adventure" Like Hocking Hills Canopy Tours!

Since 2007, Hocking Hills Canopy Tours has proven to be a leader and innovator in the zipline industry. We’ve introduced award-winning adventures year after year, and won more accolades from distinguished publications than any company in the Midwest. (see accolades).

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours boasts, not just award-winning outdoor adventures – but an unparalleled dedication to the industry, and an unquenchable desire to be the best. In short, there’s not just one thing that makes us world-class, but everything that we do from check-in to exit, is done with professionalism.

Here are some of the things that we do best:

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Whenever we talk about the “World-Class” status of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, we start with our location. All of our adventures showcase the natural beauty of Hocking Hills–an environment that boasts unique geographical features such as sandstone rock cliffs, recessed caves, the meandering Hocking River, and a bountiful variety of trees and vegetation.

PROFESSIONALLY AND CREATIVLEY DESIGNED AND BUILT: Our courses are designed and built to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. But equally important, the courses are designed with a thoughtful and creative eye, to unveil the natural beauty of the area.

EMPHASIS ON SAFETY: (Click here for comprehensive safety information below)

NATURE-LOVER MEETS THRILL-SEEKER: For nature-lovers, our zipline tours satisfy the inherent need to be outdoors, communing with nature. On our tours, the participant will zip over rolling hills, encounter old-growth trees, and take in the scenic Hocking River. “Thrill-seekers” will be happy to know that our ziplines range from 10 to 70 feet high, and reach speeds of up to 50 mph. *

PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED STAFF: From tour guides to office staff, our personnel are trained to be customer focused and attentive to details. Our goal is for our customers to have a positive experience from check-in to exit.

TOUR GUIDES: Our guides are extensively trained to minimize any inherent risk in the activity. They take seriously the safety and wellbeing of all participants on their tour. Guides also build a personal relationship with their participants during the tour, which makes the tours all the more fun.

INTERACTIVE ZIPLINE EXPERIENCE: For our zipline adventures, we utilize a “hand-braking” system. This system allows the participant to have an active role in stopping themselves on each zip, which gives them a feeling of being in control.

USER-FRIENDLY: Our courses are built to be enjoyed by the widest variety of people—from 10 years old- to- “90-something” within our specified weight ranges. Except for a short walk, or some stairs to climb, there is very little physical exertion required to complete our courses (see qualifications for participation pages). Participants don’t need to be concerned with things like clipping themselves in, or adjusting their gear – it’s all the responsibility and pleasure of our willing guides.

“ECO-TAINMENT”: Our tours are thrilling and educational. Our professional guides are taught all about the local flora, fauna, and history of the area. They’re also known to lighten the mood with a few jokes... all to add to the enjoyment of the tour.

COURSE MAINTENANCE: Our courses, trails, and infrastructure are well-kept and maintained, with an emphasis on ecology. We are committed the sustainability of the local environment.

TRANSPORTATION: Our “original” retro-fitted vehicles transport participants to the site of their specific adventure. Along the way you may encounter wildlife, participants enjoying a zipline tour, a Segway® adventure, or just the wonderful scenery. We believe the transportation adds to the overall outdoor adventure!

PHOTOGRAPHY: We offer quality onsite photos of participants on zip line tours for purchase, to memorialize your adventure.

QUALITY MERCHANDISE: Take home a memento of your experience! We offer a variety of creative merchandise for sale to all our outdoor enthusiasts.

CERTIFIED “GREEN”: We helped to establish, and are a proud member of the Hocking Hills “Green” Initiative.

DISCOUNT PROGRAMS: We initiated many types of discounts offered in the industry, including “Kids Half Off,” military, groups, and local discounts. (see “Prices/Discounts” for each adventure)

CHARITABLE DONATIONS: We have established an annual charitable donation budget, which is distributed to multiple charities every year. Donations are distributed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. (see “Donations” page)

A SENSE OF COMMUNITY: We are very involved with the local tourism association, and we give back to the local community in many ways, such as: hiring locally; using local vendors; offering discounts to locals, and local road cleanup.

ALL OF THE ABOVE: Everything that we do – we do with a passion! We want our participants to have a memorable experience from check-in to exit. That’s what keeps people coming back year after year!

* Speeds of up to 50mph are achieved on our SuperZip® Tour.

Everything we do, is done with a passion for excellence!


To encourage and inspire our participants to step away from everyday life and discover a unique and exhilarating experience–At the same time, instill a sense of responsibility to preserve and protect our natural environment.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is committed to “state-of-the-art” outdoor adventures, with an emphasis on SAFETY first. To this end we invest in, practice, and comply with the safety standards in the industry.


Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is honored to be recognized by the following distinguished publications. Recognized more than any other zipline company in OHIO!

  • Featured in, “Worlds Coolest Ziplines”, CNN TRAVEL
  • Featured in, “10 Amazing Zipline Tours All Around the World”, (
  • Listed #1 – “10 Great Ziplines Across the USA”, (USA Today)
  • “Best of Ohio”, Ohio Magazine
  • The Most Exciting Outdoor Adventure in Ohio, (USA Today)
  • TripAdvisor, 5-Star Rated since 2008
  • “Best of Ohio”, Ohio Magazine (Off-Road Segway® Adventures)

Plus, The New York Times, The OHIO Traveler, The Columbus Dispatch, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, FlipKey by TripAdvisor, TravelMag, Family Travels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The herald-Dispatch (Huntington, WV), and more.